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Effect: Converts a picture to a variety of image files. If you would like to record video, or record video from your webcam, there are many applications on the market for this task. Before I review the best applications for that, I will provide a bit of information about how video is recorded. Analog video is recorded with a video tape. Digital video is recorded using a digital recorder. However, there is one catch with video recording. The quality of the video signal is just as important as the recording method. When recording the analog video, the video quality can be maximized by recording on tape. While it is digital recording, the video quality is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Note: Video files are generally compressed because the storage space required by the files is very large. One caveat of compression is that there are some limitations on the maximum of the size of the compressed file. Some digital video recording applications have a larger compression ratio. Generally, low compression ratio will give you better quality, but the size of the file may be bigger. For example, HD 720p and HD 1080p will be a relatively larger size than HD 420p and HD 480p. There are multiple ways to record video from your camera and webcam. Let us look at 3 types of video recording cameras. 1. Directly attached camcorder This is the simplest of video recording applications. The camcorder itself is connected to your computer, and it has a video plug to attach to it. You then connect the camcorder to the computer. It is an easy way to record video at the highest quality because there is a lot less compressed space on your disk. You will be recording a lot more data, so the video quality will be greatly decreased. 2. Firewire camcorder The camcorder is connected to your computer via firewire. This is the only way to record video in HD. It is not possible to connect the camcorder to your computer and record videos in the format of H.264 or WMV. The camcorder must be connected through firewire. 3. Webcam Webcams have a great variety of connections. In the US, the most common are USB, Firewire, and the light right. USB is the easiest way to record video from your webcam, however, there are some limitations to this method. The webcam must be turned on in order for it to work. This means that you cannot record video if the user is not